15th FEMIP Conference

15th FEMIP Conference

  •  Date: 26 October 2015
  •  Location:
    • European Investment Bank, 100, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-2950
    • Luxembourg
    • Luxembourg

At existing growth rates, the MENA region will see at least 60 million new entrants to the labour market by 2025. Creating employment opportunities, in particular for young people, is thus a key priority for the Mediterranean countries’ governments and for their international partners. Actions to improve the entrepreneurship environment are particularly important in this respect, as private sector businesses play a vital role in job creation across both developed and developing countries.

In this context, our 15th FEMIP Conference will be held on the subject of:

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Jobs:
Promoting Pioneering Investments in the Mediterranean Region

and take place on Monday 26 October in Luxembourg.

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The day’s discussions will focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in the private sector, providing a forum to explore financial instruments that support innovation and contribute to accelerating business growth, with a view to supporting a new generation of regional champions.

The EIB has a long history in these domains, lending to small and large businesses and providing growth capital through equity for innovative businesses. For 2014-2020, the Bank has a mandate from the European Union of close to EUR 10 billion for the Mediterranean partner countries, complemented with up to EUR 3 billion of other resources for the whole Neighbourhood region.

The FEMIP Conference is intended for all players in the innovative business ecosystem: entrepreneurs and their representative associations, larger companies, fund managers, intermediary banks, national authorities and international organisations either from or with an interest in the EU’s Southern neighbourhood.

Participation to this full-day conference is free of charge and upon invitation only. For any further information, or if you would like to be invited to attend, please send an email to with your contact details (name, job title, company, contact details).

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