Zika vaccine: Dead microbes to save babies

Zika vaccine: Dead microbes to save babies
European biotech company supported by the EIB, on the road to a Zika vaccine that’s safe for pregnant women. Read more

Boosting economic resilience in the EU neighbourhood

Boosting economic resilience in the EU neighbourhood
We are developing the Economic Resilience Initiative to increase financing to the Southern Neighbourhood and the Western Balkans. Read more.

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EIB and Česká spořitelna join forces to support innovative mid-size companies

The transaction will improve innovative Czech mid-size companies’ access to finance. This is the first EIB financial guarantee to support investment by mid-sized companies, both in the Czech Republic and the whole Central and South Eastern Europe region.


2016: an exceptional year for the EIB Group in France

Ambroise Fayolle, European Investment Bank Vice-President, and Pier Luigi Gilibert, European Investment Fund Chief Executive, presented the results of the EIB Group's activities in France. The Group doubled its activities between 2012 and 2016 to EUR 9.3bn in new financing in 2016.


EIB launches EUR 1bn "Loans for SMEs and MidCaps" credit line to Greek banks

The loans will be used by Greek banks for on-lending to SMEs and MidCaps active in the agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, services and other sectors. Within the context of EIB's "Skills and Jobs - Investing for Youth" initiative, additional financial advantages will be offered to companies promoting youth employment.


EIB supports energy neutral social housing in the Netherlands

Dutch Social housing foundation Sint Trudo and the European Investment Bank have signed a financing agreement of EUR 150 million. The facility made available by the EIB will be used to build new housing units, largely energy neutral, in the region around the city of Eindhoven. Existing rental housing with a relatively low energy label will also be made more sustainable.




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