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EIB and Committee of Regions intensify co-operation to boost Europe’s economic recovery

The President of the Committee of Regions, Markku Markkula, met with EIB President Werner Hoyer to discuss joint efforts to enhance private investment and recovery across Europe. The two institutions will work together to identify where investment is needed most. The Investment Plan for Europe will further create opportunities for investment in areas that find it harder to get access to finance.


EIB signs EUR 1 billion loan to Greece

As part of exceptional measures in support of the Greek economic recovery, the EIB signed today a EUR 1 billion loan to Greece for the co-financing of projects which also receive funding from EU structural funds over the 2014-2020 period. Since the beginning of the crisis, the EIB provided loans of over EUR 11 billion for projects in the country.


EIB intensifies activity in Western Balkan countries

Werner Hoyer, President of the EIB, announced at the Western Balkans Summit in Vienna a number of projects which the EIB is ready to finance in the near future, including the “Rail Route 10” within Kosovo. Further operations include the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, which will help diversify gas supply to the EU and develop the use of gas as source of energy in the Western Balkans.


EIB publishes report on expected impact of its EU projects

For the first time the EIB is publishing a report on the expected impact of the projects within the 28 EU Member States to which it lent support in the previous year. The 2014 3 Pillar Assessment Report summarises the expected contribution of the 413 projects signed in 2014 towards growth, employment and European integration.

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