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MDB collaboration on Climate Action: global effort to meet a global challenge

The international community recognises the need to join forces to avert  dangerous climate change. This requires mobilising financial resources from a wide range of sources. A group of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) comprising the AfDB, ADB, EBRD, EIB, IDB and WBG - IFC & WB, are launching the third annual joint report on Climate Finance in developing and emerging countries. The joint approach described in this report measures MDB engagement in climate action in a transparent and harmonised manner.


New tool to help Europe’s innovators access finance

This loan matching platform: “Six simple steps to loan funding” provides you with easy access to information on European financing solutions for innovation projects. It asks you to answer six simple questions about your business, after which you will be directed to information on the most appropriate financing options available to you.

The EIB, the first international financier of Tunisia’s transition with EUR 1bn in new investments

Since the democratic uprising in January 2011, the EIB has invested more than EUR 1bn in Tunisia, supporting priority projects across sectors such as energy, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), urban infrastructure, transport, education, social housing and microcredit. These investments reinforce the major role that the EIB has played in Tunisia as the first international financier of the country’s transition.

EIB INFO n°154 - Partnering for accelerated innovation

This edition of EIB INFO puts the spotlight on projects that drive innovation and skills, but also highlights the value of innovation partnerships. We are partnering at EU and national level with private and public entities to develop new products, fill market gaps and support innovation and skills for a growing economy. In this way the EIB can help turn good ideas into concrete business opportunities.

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